Passenger Information

Your rights as a taxi customer:

  • You have the right to decide on the route you’d like to take
  • You must pay the correct fare, including tolls and charges that apply
  • You must be able to see the fare calculation device and the driver's identity document
  • You must wear a seat belt at all times
  • You must not smoke in the taxi
  • You must not soil or damage the vehicle
  • You must not use offensive language or act in an offensive way, or intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of others
  • You may refuse multiple hiring
  • You should not ask the driver to stop when it is illegal or unsafe to do so
  • You may ask the driver to provide you with a copy of the taxi fare structure

The rights of the taxi driver:

Your taxi driver:

  • can refuse to take you if you are likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance, or you eat, drink or smoke or they are satisfied you are unable to pay the estimated fare
  • must not tout or solicit a fare
  • must be neat, clean, tidy, courteous and helpful
  • if you dirty the taxi, you may be charged a cleaning up fee up to $120
  • must know and obey all traffic laws
  • must not smoke in the vehicle
  • must not behave in an offensive manner or interfere with the safety of their passengers
  • must not permit any person to ride in the vehicle without the consent of the hirer
  • must not refuse to carry an assistance animal or an assistance animal in training
  • if driving a wheelchair accessible taxi that is available for hire, must accept hiring for a person using a wheelchair in preference to a hiring person not in a wheelchair